The Knitter's Helping Hand

A device designed by Emily Robinson and Joy Mills, designed to make knitting possible with the use of only one hand.

Our first demonstration at Lambtown, OCT 2023

One-Handed Knitting

The Knitter's Helping Hand holds one needle steady in a clamp while leaving the working needle free. It can be used with either the left or right hand, and is compatible with straight or double-pointed needles.

An older model, March 2023


The device is designed to be as adjustable as possible while still being stable and supportive. The height and angle of the clamped needle can be changed to help find the best position for you, and the working needle support piece can be changed to accommodate different needle length.

Joy and Emily with Older Models, Feb 2023

Collaborative Design

The device is the product of a year of collaboration between Emily Robinson and Joy Mills. The project began in October 2022 as Joy considered quitting knitting due to hand pain. She and Emily began brainstorming what would make things easier for her and others. Together they went through over eight different versions of the device, Emily designing new parts and Joy thoroughly testing them. We persevered through many frustrating setbacks and ended up with the functional model we are still using today!

How are the devices made?

Each device is made and put together by Emily in her garage. It is a tiny operation fueled by passion for the project. I am very grateful to my talented friend Lee, who modeled the needle clamp and working needle support, enabling them to be 3D printed. This has sped up production quite a lot. The assembly of each device is still quite time consuming, and I am considering how the process can be expedited to increase the financial accessibility and availability of the device moving forward.

Testing and Availability

I am currently working with a number of testers who are helping us refine the device and see how it functions for users with different needs. I am hoping to make the device more widely available in 2024. If you need a device like this or would like to learn more, please fill out the contact form below.

Questions? Please reach out!