Handmade products with sustainable, traceable origins


Textiles, woven from Northern California fibers. 

Grazed & Woven

One-of-a-kind handmade products that support community grazing and┬álocal artisans in Sonoma County. 

Fiber Tools

Tools made by hand for fiber artists. 

  • Embracing Natural Materials

    Torn jeans repaired with an ornate patch, using fabrics dyed from local plants

  • Prioritizing Reuse

    A blue oak leaf patch on a pair of pants, using secondhand fabrics and thread

  • Making Things Last

    Extending the life of workwear with sturdy, durable stitching

The Knitter's Helping Hand

The Knitter's Helping Hand is an accessibility device designed in collaboration by Emily Robinson and Joy Mills, allowing the user to knit using only one hand. It can be used with either the right of left hand, and uses a sturdy clamp to stabilize one needle while the user's dominant hand remains free to operate the working needle.

The device is currently undergoing testing by a number of participants across the US and Canada, and we are excited to make it available to more people in 2024!

Learn more about the Knitter's Helping Hand