Collection: Grazed & Woven

One-of-a-kind handmade products that support community grazing and local artisans in Sonoma County.

Community Grazing

Our fiber comes from Sonoma County Community Grazing Cooperatives. The wool provides income and supports the cooperative’s long term success.  Led by Sarah Keiser of Wild Oat Hollow, Community Grazing Cooperatives are a method for rural residents, ranchers and public land managers to empower themselves in their own land stewardship while building community resiliency. The shared grazing sheep support the reduction of dangerous wildfire fuel loads and help develop healthy fire ecosystems, all while strengthening relationships.


We provide opportunities for creative work that is flexible and accommodating. Weaving provides a tangible connection to the land and animals that grow the fiber. The artisans behind Grazed & Woven are supported by Emily Robinson in learning new skills and exploring their creativity with wool as the medium. By providing looms and training to new artisans, Grazed & Woven products come to life.

Our Products

We are committed to creating products that fairly support the creators at each step of production. With our use of entirely ethically-raised, local wools and natural dyes, our products are created with materials that don't pollute land, air, or waterways.